Hello! My name is Marina Kukso and I work at LocalWiki!

I'm happy to help answer any questions about any aspect of LocalWiki:

My home wiki is Oakland but I also sometimes contribute to San Francisco and Berkeley.


Testing testing..1, 2..3!

Thank you Marina, looking forward to meeting you too! I'm especially interested to see what the library has about the history of the 24th Street area of the Mission, since I live here. -Britta

Thank you for the guidance, Marina.  The Oakland LocalWiki was one the inspirations for the Houston, Texas, LocalWiki.  My colleagues in the Open Houston group and I look forward to using the wiki to promote civic engagement.  -Frank

That's great! And great edits already. Apologies if you've already seen this, but something that we've found helpful for people just getting started is to make a "Pages that should exist" page (like this). This can help generate and keep track of ideas. It's also a lower barrier to entry for folks who don't feel completely comfortable yet making new changes.  Finally, you a may be interested in examples of how other communities are using LocalWiki for civic engagement. - Marina